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The Brookings Consortium

A Glorified Fishing Village

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The state: Oregon. Area: 95,997 sq.mi., Population: around 3,472,867

The county: Curry. Area: 1,648 sq.mi., Population: around 22,550. 13 persons/sq.mi.

The town: Brookings. About half of Curry County lives in the area, with only about 5,680 people in the 'city' limits. Average annual rainfall: 76". Economy based on fishing, recreation and tourism, lumber, and Easter Lilies. We've got a Big Pink Theater, a Karaoke Night, and more taverns than you can shake a keg at. Way too many hair salons. Tourist shops. Oh, and a little skatepark-thing. And the ocean, of course.

It may be pretty, but it's lacking in several important things. Like culture.

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